Andhra Pradesh: Rampage of rice canteens spread to Annamaiya district.. Imposition of Section 144 there.

Andhra Pradesh: Lolli of Anna canteens has touched Annamaiya district. On the one hand, the police said that there is no permission for the canteen.. Why won’t the TDP leaders on the other hand argue. It has become a bit of a whirlwind of controversy. Section 144 was imposed. TDP has set up a canteen in Big Tippasamudra. Former MLA Shankar went to the inauguration ceremony in the presence of a large number of activists. Meanwhile, the police who gave entry, concluded that there was no permission. The Telugu brothers were shocked by this and became agitated. The area which had been calm until then suddenly became hot. It was resounding with the slogans of the Telugu brothers. The leaders asked why there are objections if a canteen is set up to fill the stomachs of the poor. They said that the police are over-acting on the orders of the government. On the other hand, Section 144 was announced before the situation became serious.

Anna canteen was opened amid severe tensions. The Telugu brothers were happy with this. However, the police were alerted as they suspected what the situation would be like. Largely deployed in the big tippa sea. Yesterday's attack in Kuppam.. Yesterday's objections in Tenali.. The ruckus is continuing on canteens like this.

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