Andhra Pradesh: Put cement poles.. Put a fence across the road.. Residents’ concern

Protests and agitations continue on the green field road in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. The managers of Vijayanagar Hatcheries have put up a fence across the road near Jaiti in Mentada mandal claiming that the displaced people have not received compensation. A fence was built across the green field road in the name of Vizianagaram Hatcheries Private Limited. Between numbers 400 to 880, cement poles were installed on both sides. Two farmers have expressed their grievances, alleging that they have not been compensated for the land taken from them and that some more land has been grabbed. Meanwhile, the flames of protest are heating up over the construction of the green field road which is being built for the development of the tribals and for the creation of transportation facilities. Saying that farmers are the backbone of the country, now they are questioning whether their lands will be grabbed and thrown on the road. They demanded to stop the construction of Greenfield Road. He expressed his concern that there is no benefit from the greenfield road and that the lands that produce abundant crops in three seasons have to be lost.

The authorities had earlier decided to lay a greenfield six line road for the development of those who have been stuck in Manyam for centuries and are suffering from various conditions without any connection to the outside world. With the construction of this road, the long-time dream of the tribals will come true, the locals expressed happiness. The Center has released 1,060 crores for the construction of a six-lane road with a length of about 31.66 from Jakkuva in Mentada mandal to Aluru tribal village in Pachipenta mandal. As part of that, the works have started in Andhra-Odisha border areas. Officials had earlier revealed that there were no objections from the Forest Department and permission had been given for the road works.

With the construction of this road, the transport and trade relations between Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states will be improved. Experts say that if the road works are done in time, the tribal area will develop in all ways. Officials advised that the Center has provided compensation to the farmers who have lost their agricultural lands for this road, and the farmers who have not received the compensation should go to the local revenue tehsildar offices and apply.

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