Andhra Pradesh: Poison gas leak in Anakapalli district.. 50 women employees sick

A tragic incident took place in Anakapalli district. Many people fell ill due to the release of poisonous gas in an industry in Achuthapuram SEZ in the district. 50 good female employees working there became ill due to the release of poisonous gas. Women were troubled by vomiting and nausea. Some people fainted. A toxic gas leak occurred at the Brandix factory in Achyutapuram SEZ in Anacapalli area of ​​Mangalavaram district.

The female employees of Brandix who inhaled the poisonous gas became seriously ill. According to preliminary information, it seems that up to 50 female employees have fallen ill. Vomiting and nausea seems to have occurred after inhaling the poisonous gas. Some of them lost consciousness. The owner of the company noticed the situation and rushed the women to the hospital.

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