Andhra Pradesh: One year after the water deluge.. Still there is no shade.. The poor condition of Annamaiya Dam flood victims..

The flood swept over the bustling villages of the countryside. 30 people, crops and livestock were affected by Annamaiya Dam flood. Every year after the flood, Bhadits are living under shade or curtains. They are living their lives with the help of donors.

Annamaiya district of Rayalaseema is the catchment area of ​​Rajampet river. A year ago, the green fields resembled Konaseema with three crops. Exactly one year ago on November 19, everything was swept away by the deluge. Pulapattur, Mandapalle, Gundluru and Thoguru Peta in the catchment area of ​​the River Tyaeru are facing desertification due to the erosion of Annamaiya Dam embankment. Sand dunes and debris are visible. The villagers of Pulapattur are living in the middle of the shadow or the poisonous insects. The victims complain that the government's promise of rehabilitation and financial assistance has not been implemented even today. 250 houses were leveled due to flood.

The family members, cattle and crops are being wiped out and they are deeply distressed by the disaster. The people of the affected villages are suffering with a heavy heart that our area known as Konaseema has now become a desert.

The people of the affected villages complain that the authorities are not paying attention to us even though they have been suffering for a year. The people of the affected villages are begging the government to take action as none of the promises have been fulfilled. Unable to do it, they are waiting for the government's help or the ability to remove the sand mounds in the fields. The flood victims of Annamaiya Dam are appealing to the government to immediately build embankments, remove sandbanks, dig boreholes in the fields and resume their previous lives.

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