Andhra Pradesh: MPs want to be suspended in the assembly.. Former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s interesting comments..

Andhra Pradesh: Venkaiah Naidu, who served as the former Vice President and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, made interesting comments. He participated in a spiritual meeting organized by some friends in Vijayawada. Speaking on this occasion, he made key comments on the behavior of members in the Rajya Sabha. He recalled that he used to rebuke some people in the House when they did not follow the House etiquettes and behaved awkwardly. But later he said that he used to call those who behaved awkwardly in the assembly and sit down and talk to him and inquire why they are doing what they are doing. But he said that he was surprised by the answer given by the concerned members. They reminded me that some members are doing it as they want. He said that the behavior of some members in the legislatures is very disturbing. Members and parties should cooperate for meaningful discussions in the House. He said that there is nothing wrong in making comments.. They should not lead to insults. He said that it is the responsibility of every political party to control the objectionable behavior of the members in the House. He said that this is possible only by creating and implementing a code of conduct for each political party.

After the end of his tenure as the Vice President, he is touring extensively in the Telugu states. Two days ago, he participated in an intimate meeting held at a private university in Guntur and made important comments on politics. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the reason why the world is looking towards India. He said that the youth of the country should be enthusiastic and excited. The real wealth of the country is the youth. He suggested that changing parties frequently is not a good practice in democracy. It is known that Venkaiah Naidu said that making personal criticisms in politics and choosing leaders on the basis of caste and religion is not the right way.

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