Andhra Pradesh: MP nude call with woman.. Video viral on social media.. Strict action demanded

Hindupur YCP MP Gorantla Madhav is stuck in controversy. Talked to a woman in a nude video call. The video has now gone viral. There is a huge uproar over it. But MP Gorantla Madhav says that the video (Video Viral) is not his. They were angry that they were spreading false propaganda against him. TDP’s Chintakayala Vijay and Ponnuru Vamsi have been accused of circulating the video. The MP has made it clear that if he has the guts, he should face it directly and that he is ready for any investigation on this matter. While MP Gorantla Madhav.. it is said that he took a video and morphed while he was in the gym. The politics of the state has become a hot topic after a video of an MP belonging to the ruling party went viral. People are very angry about the behavior of the MP. They are expressing anger that how can an honorable MP act like this.

Meanwhile, the TDP leaders are reacting strongly to the behavior of MP Gorantla Madhav. The women leaders of TDP are fuming saying that they have done something to tarnish the post of MP. He flagged that the members of the society behaved in a way that made them bow down. TDP leaders are demanding that CM Jagan should take strict action against Gorantla Madhav after the nude video was leaked. They demanded that he be declared ineligible for the post of MP.

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