Andhra Pradesh: Minister Botsa once again responded on CPS.. The key statement is as if he hastily promised

The CPS struggle in Andhra Pradesh is taking crucial turns day by day. Minister Botsa, who decided till yesterday that it is not possible to cancel the employees’ contributory pension scheme, today responded to the same issue. He said that CPS was one of the 100 promises given by YCP before the elections. It has been revealed that they are working hard to fulfill this promise. The decision will be announced in two months. Apart from that, it has been clarified that the regularization of employees will be resolved by the end of this year. Meanwhile, Minister Botsa said that in the discussions held with the leaders of the trade unions, they have hurriedly promised to cancel the CPS. He explained that he had discussed GPS with the employees and assured them that they will be guaranteed a pension of at least Rs.10,000 after retirement. If the pensioner dies, the pension will be given to the wife or husband. Once again after discussing with the employees, the GPS is finalized. It has been made clear that the law will be enforced.

On the other hand, Minister Botsa Satya Narayana expressed his anger at the officials in the review meeting held at Srikakulam ZP conference hall. Ministers, Speaker and Collector were present on the stage and they were mistaken for leaving. Doing this is indiscipline. At the end of the discussion, the minister explained the importance of the meeting. At that time the officers tried to go out. He said to sit down. It is noteworthy that some have already left. Due to this, he became impatient and blamed the officials. It is suggested that this is not the right method and the method should be changed.

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