Andhra Pradesh: ‘Madhav’s video would have caused health problems if he watched it for some time’.. TDP leader satires..!

Andhra Pradesh: TDP General Secretary Chintakayala Vijay said what has MP Madhav’s nude video got to do with him. Speaking to the media on Thursday, he gave a strong counter to MP Madhav’s allegations against him. Madhav asked what he has to do with the personal video of TDP general secretary. Madhav, who is an MP, will have to answer to the people and family of the constituency who voted for him. Madhav said that if he gives his video to the forensic lab, the facts will be known.

‘Madhav!.. I need to see your beautiful reflection. No one’s heart is big enough to see your beautiful reflection. They showed a video of him doing something in the gym. Is this why we survived? Madhav is worried about what happened to the people who watched the video. File a defamation suit against Madhav. A complaint will also be filed in the Parliament Secretariat. Madhav should resign unconditionally. He should come back into politics only if he proves that this video is not his. If I watch that video for a while longer… I feel like I will get health problems.’ Vijay satires on MP Gorantla Madhav. He made harsh comments that the YCP party has become a party of Rasalilas.

Madhav should resign..

POW National Convener Sandhya has come under intense fire on Hindupuram MP Gorantla Madhav. The government responded immediately and demanded action against him. They demanded that Madhav be suspended from YCP. Sandhya demanded Madhav’s immediate resignation from the post of MP saying that it is unforgivable for those who are supposed to make laws to commit crimes.

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