Andhra Pradesh: Lover is aggressive.. He collided with a car because he didn’t love him.. Although he thought it was an accident..

Anantapur: He chased that he loved. He wanted to be you. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t love him. But the young lady rejected his love. It is noteworthy that the young man who is chasing after his love becomes his brother. So she did not accept this love. The angry young man did the same thing. The young woman was hit by a car while walking on the road. He tried to believe that it was an accident. The police investigated in their own style and revealed the truth. In the end he was jailed. The atrocity took place in Kalyanadurgam of Anantapur district. A lover commits a crime because he does not love. He hit the young woman with a car and made her go to hospital. After hitting the young woman with the car, he ran into the bushes at high speed to escape from the crowd.

Locals who saw the incident initially thought it was an accident, but later on they found that it was intentional. The young woman was seriously injured in this incident. Locals alerted immediately and rushed the victim to the hospital for treatment. It seems that the young woman refused love because she was Anna’s heir. The incident took place at Boyalapally in Kambadur mandal. On receiving the information, the police registered a case and arrested the accused Bhaskar.

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