Andhra Pradesh: Kidnapping of a five-month-old baby, which became a challenge for the police.

Andhra Pradesh: A mother frets over her five-month-old baby. Seeing the third child, the boy, both the parents are in agony. As their child has not been seen for five months, they are going around the police to find him. Even though 15 days have passed since the child was kidnapped, the parents of the child are worried because the whereabouts of the child have not been found. The case has become a challenge for the police. A five-month-old baby girl was abducted by unknown people 15 days ago in Bantumilli, Krishna district. The child’s parents complained to the police. The case became a challenge for the police as there was no photograph as it was a baby. It has been 15 days since the boy was kidnapped, but he has not been found. With this, the kidnapping case became a mystery.

The investigation of the case became difficult for the police as the boy's photo and evidence were not found by the police. According to the orders of District SP Joshua, four special teams are searching for the girl. Along with Krishna district, the police are also active in the combined West Godavari and East Godavaki districts. Chilakayya and Venkateswaramma have been living in a bus shelter in Bantumilli Nageswara Rao Peta for the past 15 years. They earn their livelihood by working on the local fish ponds. This couple has three children. A baby boy was born to Venkateswaramma five months ago. The baby was kidnapped by unknown people while the couple was sleeping in the bus shelter of Nageswara Rao Peta. The police are investigating as to who the assailants are.

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It seems that the kidnapping took place around midnight on September 12. Chilakaiah and Venkateswaramma couple approached the police after their child was missing. Even after examining the CCTV footage, the whereabouts of the child have not been found so far. The police have detained the suspects and are interrogating them, but no results have been found so far. The police are investigating whether the child was kidnapped to be sold by someone or to be raised by someone they know. The girl's parents are pleading with the police to find the whereabouts of their child and give them justice.

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