Andhra Pradesh: Key decision of AP Govt in honor of Krishnamraj.. Two acres of land for Smriti Vanam

AP Government has announced that two acres of land will be allocated and sanctioned for the establishment of rebel star Krishnamraj Smriti Vanam. Ministers who attended the memorial service of Krishna Raja in Mogaltur of West Godavari district officially announced this matter. AP Tourism Minister RK Roja, Ministers Karumuri, Chelloboina Venugopalakrishna and Government Chief Whip Prasadaraj attended the memorial service organized at Krishna Raju’s residence in Mogaltur, West Godavari district. The ministers of AP who attended the meeting expressed their deepest condolences on behalf of the AP government to the family members of Krishna Raju. Minister Roja said that the sudden death of Krishna Raju is a great loss and his services to the film industry cannot be forgotten. On behalf of the State Tourism Department, Roja announced that two acres of land will be allocated for the memorial at Memapalem beach in Mogalthur coastal area.

The family members including Prabhas organized the memorial service of Krishna Raju at his residence. A large number of fans attended Mogalthur during the memorial service of late actor Krishnam Raju. People from neighboring areas also attended the memorial service in large numbers. Roja said that the AP government has also informed their family that the AP government is allocating a place for setting up a memorial in the name of Krishnam Raju.

A huge crowd gathered for Prabhas...

Surrounded by thousands of fans... chanting slogans... thinking of their favorite leader Krishnam Raju, Prabhas, who stepped on his home soil again after 11 years, called Rebel Star... Rebel Star. When Prabhas appeared holding the cut-outs, Prabhas made a loud noise. Seeing their love, Prabhas also wished them "Love All". The scene took place around 12 noon. After a while, Prabhas said goodbye to them saying that the food is getting ready, eat and go... see you again. Meanwhile, those who came to the memorial service were served food in an unprecedented manner. Meals were arranged with dishes like mutton, chicken, prawns and prawns.

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