Andhra Pradesh: It ran without a driver.. It hit a car and stopped.. If cut

“Travel in RTC bus is safe”. But such sentences and words are limited only to the boards. They are not implemented in the field. RTC, which is supposed to bring the passengers to their destination safely, is not taking steps in that direction. As a result, RTC buses are always facing accidents. Passengers are paying a heavy price in these incidents. Some are becoming alive.. but others are losing their lives. A similar incident happened in Nellore district. A road accident took place near Kavali town of Nellore district. RTC bus and car collided with each other. A major accident was averted due to the vigilance of the conductor. But it is noteworthy that there was no driver in the bus at that time. A car hit the RTC bus at high speed. A bus traveling from Kavali to Nellore was hit by an oncoming car at the toll plaza on the national highway.

There were 24 passengers in the bus when the accident took place. The bus driver Prasad was thrown from the driver’s seat and fell on the road after the car collided with speed. The bus went ahead without a driver. The passengers in the bus were shocked by this sudden turn of events. They screamed to be saved in fear. Then the conductor Nagaraju, who was in the bus, went to the steering wheel and applied the brakes, and the bus stopped. Meanwhile, the bus had already moved forward for about 150 meters. A major accident was averted due to the shrewdness of the conductor. Ten passengers including the driver sustained minor injuries in the accident.

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