Andhra Pradesh: Invasion of lakhs of ants.. Villagers who are struggling.. This time in our Telugu state..

Andhra Pradesh: Just an ant right? So much tension for something that can be crushed? That means they don’t agree. It is said that you know about the ant problem that we are suffering from. There is an invasion of ants. If you want to know somewhere.. you have to read this story..

It doesn't matter whether you are born or not.. Wherever you see ants in that village, ants are ants.. This is making people gag. These red colored ants do not sting. They don't know much about climbing on the body, but when they climb on the stool, they release some chemicals through their mouths. They are complaining that the whole body is getting a skin disease due to this. Formation of small blisters. In addition to this, the villagers are expressing their concern that fevers are also occurring at times.

These ants don't even leave the cattle. There are also ants in animal fodder.. They are saying that these creatures are getting trapped in the goat without being able to take the feed. It is said that if this ant is as stubborn as it is, it kills and eats not only insects but also snakes while they are still alive. We cannot live here because of these ants. We are not able to eat calmly. We can't sleep. At least they complain that they are crawling on their shit if they want to sit anywhere. Children are unable to play and study. The house is unable to store anything. It is said that if you blow it in the house, instead of dust, you get dead ants.

The village comes under Togaram panchayat, home village of AP Speaker Tammineni Sitaram. Speaker Satimani Vani village sarpanch. This matter was brought to the notice of the Speaker. Also taken to Collector Grievances. The authorities responded to this. Visited the village. They sprinkled bleach and sprayed chemicals all over the town. Still the ants here have not decreased at all. As a result, a medical camp was set up in the village. The primary reason for the increase in ant migration in the village is the geographical conditions. Nagavali River flows through the village. It is believed that the area is suitable for ants due to the abundance of trees and gardens.

This ants problem started from the age of two years in the sand box. Initially these were limited to fields, cattle sheds and Nagavali embankment. But recently, in any house in the village, they are appearing. The whole town grew and grew and became an anthill.

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