Andhra Pradesh: Innovative protest by villagers against mining.. Climbing the hill and hanging nooses around their neck

Visakhapatnam: Villagers protested against mining in Anakapalli district of Visakhapatnam in an innovative way. They said that if permission is given for excavation, it will be fine. The performance was carried out with a hanging rope around the neck. In the villages of Dalivalasa, Gavarapalem, Pindrangi and Marrivalasa in K. Kotapadu mandal of Anakapalli district, the locals have started a movement against mining excavations. Opposing the excavations, if they are not stopped, it will be a refuge. People belonging to four village panchayats protested by climbing the hill and hanging nooses around their necks. CAM leaders supported the villagers. The leaders alleged that the hills have already been crushed in half. As the lease period expired, the lessees were enraged that the remaining hills were being trampled.

The CPM leaders alleged that some people are trying to take mining permits without holding a referendum. He said that if that happens, it will be a slap in the face of the residents of the surrounding area. He said that if it goes ahead without considering the objections of the locals, there will be nothing but hanging. He warned that the authorities should think about it or else the movement will intensify.

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