Andhra Pradesh: Illodili flirts with boyfriend’s obsession…kills Mogudi and goes to jail..K’Lady’

AP Crime News: Illodili flirts with boyfriend’s obsession… Mogudi is killed and goes to jail.. A ‘lady’ illegal crime drama Srikakulam) It has become a hot topic in the district. Hiramandalam (Hiramandalam) King who lives in Chinnakollivalasa – Consanguineous husband and wife. They also have children. They were fine as long as they were doing small chores. For employment, the king was an occasional migrant. A man named Buralla Ramu from Padali village used to visit them often. Glances met as a matter of courtesy. The Chatu Matu affair took off. Him coming like this.. She looking like that.. Shh .. Gupchup.. You and I.. Close the door. The closed circuit activities of both of them came to the attention of the king one day. He scolded his wife for doing this. He hoped not to change. I didn’t think much about that episode, wondering if it would be wiser. He went to Hyderabad for employment. What’s more, both of them are in love with each other. But the king came back to the village. That’s how the shades changed in them. He did not want to tell their story. Kadatercha is planned. What’s more, Ramu, suffocated by her husky voice, uttered the word to his cunning man. Jigar called his friends. Everyone sat down and plotted to kill the king. Sujatha’s boyfriend Ramu invited his friend Nukaraju.. Raju to a liquor party. They drank it full. When he fell into a stupor, they executed their plan. He attacked and killed the king. Sujata was called. If the body is found, the truth will come out. They did as she said. As the dead body was not completely burnt due to rain, they threw it in the canal and left. Matter is unknown to the third eye.

But finally the police solved the mystery in this case. Sujata killed her husband with her boyfriend in an extra-marital affair.. The drama was bloody. Hira complained to the police that her husband was not visible. After that, the house was blown away with the children and she jumped to Hyderabad with her boyfriend. She wondered if it would be so good to fly. But the Hira police took a wide angle coupe. Raju focused on phone call data. On making a call, the illegal contact of the two was revealed in Patnam. On being detained and interrogated, Ramu and Sujatha admitted that the crime of illegal marriage was theirs. Kothapet police also arrested Nukaraju who helped them along with them and put them behind bars. Orni.. Innocent faces to look at. But did this story run? The villagers of Gummalakshmipuram and Kothavalasa were shocked. They demanded that the accused who sacrificed their lives unjustly should be severely punished.

Nukaraju, come

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