Andhra Pradesh: From next year Visakhapatnam will be centrally administered. Minister Gudivada Amarnath’s sensational announcement

There is a fuss over the issue of three capitals in AP. Now politics revolves around these. If the opposition is demanding to continue Amaravati as the capital, CM YS Jagan says that it will not decrease. Tegesi said that the administrative capital of AP will be shifted to Visakhapatnam. This has now become a hot topic in AP politics. YCP is saying that they will build three capitals anyway. Moreover, another step forward. Challenging the order given by the High Court that Amaravate is the only capital of the state, it approached the Supreme Court. A special leave petition was filed to quash the High Court verdict. It has appealed to stay the High Court's earlier verdict that the Assembly has no power to make laws on the capital.

Minister Gudivada Amarnath's announcement that Visakhapatnam will be administered centrally from next year has become a sensation. In these assembly meetings only the capital issue is being discussed and the situation is changing rapidly. Among all the cities in the state, Visakhapatnam is the main city, Amarnath.. Visakha is in the list of top ten cities in the country.

Changing the capital city, or dividing the capital or...setting up three capitals
The petition stated that the judgment given by the High Court saying that the state does not have the legislative power to make resolutions and laws in the matter is against the basic principles of the Constitution. According to the constitution, each state has the power to decide its own capital.

It has been reported that neither the state nor the center has said anywhere that the CRDA Act has been enacted by the Center. The state government has recalled in its petition that the Center has reported to the High Court in the form of a written affidavit that the matter of capital is within the jurisdiction of the states.

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