Andhra Pradesh: Focus on them first.. Project work should not be lax.. CM Jagan’s suggestion

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy held a meeting with officials of the concerned department on irrigation water projects in Andhra Pradesh. For 10 projects Rs. 25,497.28 crores is being spent. It was explained that projects are being constructed with the help of New Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, KFB and World Bank. The Chief Minister (CM Jagan) ordered to ensure that there is no laxity in the work and to see that it is completed within the deadline. The CM suggested that the ponds should be connected through canals in drought areas. He said that the condition of the ponds should be studied by taking the constituency as a unit. If there are no ponds where necessary, it is suggested to dig a new one. All these ponds are to be linked with canals so that water flows by gravity. As a result, the groundwater level will increase and the ecological balance will not be affected, he said. With these conditions, agriculture will become profitable, employment and incomes will be stable, he said.

Bridges, RBOs and flyovers which have been left unfinished should be completed first. We are constructing ports at Ramayapatnam, Machilipatnam and Bhavanapadu. The surrounding areas are likely to develop quickly. CM Jagan has ordered the officials to take measures in this direction that there will be a large-scale development based on the port. There should be no delay in the works of these projects undertaken with bank loans. The ponds should be connected with canals to allow water to flow by gravity. This will increase the groundwater level.

- CM Jagan, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

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