Andhra Pradesh: ‘Electricity’ shock to government offices.

Andhra Pradesh: Electricity department officials gave a shock to government offices in Ongole. Power was cut off to government offices that had neglected to pay their electricity bills for months. As per the AP Electricity Regulatory Committee’s directives, government officials had been issuing notices for months saying that if electricity dues are paid before September 10, the surcharge would be waived. Irked by this, the officials of the electricity department entered the field with their power cut tools. Lakkalu has determined how many government offices are in arrears across the district.

A total of 392 crore rupees in Prakasam district.. Government offices have fallen due. RWS office has to pay 112 crores, Panchayatiraj department 90 crores, Irrigation department 100 crores, Municipalities 13 crores and Education department 7 crores, the electricity department says.

Notices have already been issued to these offices but no response has been received. There is nothing to do or the power has been cut by the officials of the electricity department. Electricity supply to Tehsildar office and other offices was stopped. The electricity staff took the fees. In the dark rooms, the staff were too shaken to work because of the steel.

In this matter, the Collector immediately contacted the officials of the Electricity Department. SE Satyanarayana of the Electricity Department said that they have restored the electricity after promising to make arrangements to pay the pending bills soon. Despite giving notices a month in advance.. some offices are silent as if there is no budget. Some offices neglected to file bills. The electricity department is in a state of not knowing how to collect the bills that have accumulated in crores.

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