Andhra Pradesh: Election of Jagan as permanent president of YCP is invalid: Central Election Commission

YSRCP: Central Election Commission issues notices to YCP. CEC has responded to the news that CM Jagan has been selected as the permanent president of YCP. Jagan’s election as permanent president of the party is invalid. The Election Commission said that there should be no permanent posts in any party. The Central Election Commission said that frequent elections should be held for any party…permanent president or permanent posts…against democracy. It has been revealed that elections should be held in accordance with the election rules for any party in a democracy. The Central Election Commissioner has sent an order to the YCP general secretary to immediately conduct an internal inquiry and submit a report on the fact that the party has written letters in this matter. He asked to clear the confusion on the news coming in the media on this topic. YCP was ordered to make a public statement on this. Meanwhile, the YSRCP has clarified that it has started an internal investigation into the news of appointing Jaganmohan Reddy as the permanent president of YSRCP. The Election Commission has been told that further action will be taken according to the facts brought out in the investigation.

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