Andhra Pradesh: Decoration of Amma with currency notes.. Garlands worth two crore rupees

Devi Sharannavaratri celebrations are being celebrated all over the country. Devotees are worshiping the goddess according to their cultural traditions according to the regions. Goddess Mahalakshmi blesses the devotees on the 6th day of Nava Ratra. Navratri celebrations are going on in grandeur in Amalapuram, Ambedkar Konaseema district of Andhra Pradesh. Goddesses in Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Temple were decorated with Rs 2 Crore 16 Lakh currency notes. Every year it is customary to decorate Goddess Lakshmi with notes. This tradition which started with Rs.11 lakhs has now reached Rs.2 crores. Devotees offer their Shaktikoladi money to adorn the goddess. Afterwards, they will take back the money given by whoever gave it, thinking that it is the Prasad of Amma. Not only the goddess but the entire temple premises are decorated with currency notes. In this order, devotees flocked to see Goddess Kanyakaparameshwari in the form of Lakshmi Mata. Apart from the locals, devotees from surrounding villages came in large numbers to seek Amma’s grace.

On the other hand.. Devi Sharannavaratri celebrations are going on with great splendor on Indrakiladri in Vijayawada. On Saturday, Goddess Jagan appears to the devotees in Mahalakshmi Alankaram. Goddess Mahalakshmi is blessing the devotees as Amrita Swarupini, Ashtalakshmi, who bestows boons like money, grain, courage, victory, education, prosperity, progeny, Gajalakshmi. Devotees who have been reaching the hill since 4 o'clock in the morning have lined up to visit the goddess. On the fifth day, Goddess Lalita Tripura appeared to the devotees as the beautiful goddess. As it was Friday, the crowd of devotees was heavy. Around one lakh devotees visited the goddess.

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