Andhra Pradesh: CM Jagan’s warning worked..! Ministers and ex-ministers who held press meets

Chief Minister Jagan’s warning seems to be working well. Ministers and ex-ministers lined up and held press meetings within 24 hours of the CM’s serious warning in the cabinet saying, “Don’t give counters to the criticism of the opposition, why are you doing it?” Counters were given to TDP in a range. Ministers gave warnings on Lokesh’s tweet. It looks like CM Jagan’s class workout for the ministers on the criticism of TDP and the allegations in the liquor scam. The Chief Minister warned that if the situation does not change, the ministers will have to be changed within three months. Whether his warning worked but the ministers and former ministers held press meetings and rebutted the opposition’s criticisms.

Minister Meruga Nagarjuna seriously reacted to MLC Lokesh's tweet saying, "What's the point of changing ministers all the time, it's enough to change you." Lokesh was given a warning that his tongue would be cut off if he uttered false words. Minister Nagarjuna responded to the ongoing campaign on the issue of cabinet reshuffle. He said that CM Jagan will have the power to make any changes as part of the administration. He said that it is the same whether there are ministers who are afraid of the opposition.

On the other hand, Minister Jogi Ramesh expressed his opinion that those who run away without fighting are the same whether or not they are the same. Former minister Parni Nani gave counters to the criticism of Amaravati in his own style. After that, Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy and some other ministers in the district also held press meetings and gave counters to TDP's criticism on various issues. With this, there is a debate in AP political circles whether CM Jagan's warning has worked well.

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