Andhra Pradesh: Cheated by a fake agent.. In a foreign country.. At the initiative of the authorities..

8 migrant workers who were cheated by agents in Oman were brought back home with the help of APNRTS. Officials have advised those who want to go abroad to go abroad legally through registered recruiting agents. It is known that eight migrants from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh went to Oman believing the tricks of an illegal agent and faced difficulties. To bring them to the state, APNRTS on behalf of the state government contacted the Indian Embassy in Oman several times through email. It demanded that those who are facing difficulties in accommodation and food should be repatriated and action should be taken against the illegal agent. After many attempts, the authorities finally responded. Eight migrant workers reached Vijayawada today (Tuesday) in collaboration with APNRTS. 5 months ago these 8 migrant workers went to Oman through an agent for jobs. When Tira went there, the agent did not give them jobs, so they faced serious difficulties. They took a video of the difficulties they were facing and posted it on social media. Officials who saw this video were shocked to see their plight. Efforts were made to bring them to their hometowns and they finally succeeded.

A person who was acting as an agent...promised to give good jobs in Oman and collected a large amount of money from 8 people and arranged visas. Later they were taken to Oman. After going there, the jobs that the agent said were not provided, but proper accommodation and meals were not arranged. He said that they have treated the agent with carelessness in this matter, warned us that there are no jobs and it is up to you what to do, and left us on the road. In disorientation contacted the Srikakulam District SP and APNRTS officials for help to come to India.

District SP Radhika has sent the details of migrant workers to APNRTS. Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Development Minister Sidiri Appalaraju asked the APNRTS to know the welfare information of the migrant workers and bring them home as soon as possible. More details were collected from APNRTS victims who responded immediately. On behalf of the state government, they explained their situation to the Indian Embassy in Oman and asked them to take action against the agent and help them return to India from Oman. Besides, APNRT Society Co-ordinator Vemana Kumar and social workers provided temporary accommodation in Salalah area for immediate assistance. After speaking to the victims, they were reassured. AP Police NRI cell put pressure on the agent and deposited the cost of 8 people to return to India through the embassy officials, and with the help of the embassy, ​​the migrant workers brought Swarashtra safely today.

Officials stated that APNRTS is working continuously with the aim of development, safety and welfare of expatriates as per the orders of Prime Minister YS Jagan. He explained that APNRTS is conducting awareness programs on irregular migration for those going abroad, especially those going to Gulf countries. No one should be cheated by illegal agents and advised to go abroad only through recruitment agents approved by the Department of External Affairs. The victims thanked those who provided all possible help so that they could reach India safely.

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