Andhra Pradesh: Chandrababu who has his own last election.. The counter of YSP leaders is not usual..

It is known that Chandrababu's comments that the last election in 2024 will be the last if he does not win this time, as part of his visit to Kurnool district, created a political sensation. He wants to win the next election and send him to the assembly.. He wants to bring TDP to power. Commenting that if he does not win this time, this will be his last election, it has led to widespread discussion. YCP leaders are countering these comments made by Chandrababu in their own style. There is a big attack from YCP on the comments made by Chandrababu during his visit to Kurnool.

On Chandrababu's comments, AP Government Whip Samineni Udayabhanu said that the day of the walkout was Chandrababu's last day in the Assembly. Chandrababu commented that 40 years of industry is closed and he can take rest. He said that the people are not in a position to believe the TDP's words that the people are falling prey to CM Jagan with the government schemes. Minister Sidiri Appalaraju said.. 'Chandrababu has spoken a truth for the first time. 2024 election will be the last election. We are also saying what Chandrababu is saying. The upcoming elections will be the grave of TDP.'

YV Subbareddy said that Chandrababu is talking too low. Mopidevi Venkata Ramana criticized that Chandrababu will do anything for power. Responding to Chandrababu's comments, Minister Botsa Satyanarayana Thathastu said. He said that Chandrababu is speaking negatively and people will judge as Chandrababu wants. If the state is to be good, Chandrababu should not come to power again. Botha commented that if he comes to power, there will be droughts, and Chandrababu really is the last election.

What is Chandrababu saying?

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