Andhra Pradesh: Chandrababe is the reason for Umamaheswari’s suicide. Lakshmi Parvati made sensational allegations.

Andhra Pradesh: Nandamuri Lakshmi Parvathi made sensational allegations on the death of late leader NTR’s youngest daughter Umamaheswari. They expressed suspicion that Chandrababe was responsible for her forced death. He said that Chandrababu and Lokesh were fighting with her for the property and Umamaheswari committed suicide because she could not bear the pressure. Lakshmi Parvati commented that these suspicions got stronger after her suicide letter disappeared. She demanded a CBI investigation into Umamaheswari’s suicide. Lakshmi Parvati spoke on the same issue at a press meet on Wednesday. Serious allegations were made against Chandrababu in this media conference. What Lakshmi Parvati said, those comments as usual..

Everything is like a mystery..

Tragedy incidents are happening one after another in NTR’s family. If Harikrishna’s death cannot be digested, now the suicide of NTR’s youngest daughter is still painful. Not understanding what is actually happening. Everything seems to be a mystery. There are many stories on social media. Some of it may be true and some may be untrue.


Anyone who knows Chandrababu’s mentality, his vile politics and murderous politics must have doubts. Corpse politics is education given to Chandrababu. A Saturn entered the NTR family. Since his arrival, the family started suffering. In the end, the family also lost the head of the house.

He is the cause of my husband’s death..

Everyone knows what happened the day before the death of my husband Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. When he wanted to hold the Simhagarjana conference and explain to the public the lie made by Chandrababu, if that happened, if NTR came out, Chandrababu feared that he would have no political future, a day before NTR’s death, i.e. on January 17, he brought a stay without taking the money from NTR’s bank accounts. On the same night, NTR died of a heart attack. Thus Chandrababu caused the death of NTR.

Even now, NTR’s family trusts Chandrababu like they trust a sheep butcher. I feel very sorry to see this. He showed me as a fool and snatched the post and the party from NTR. NTR’s family members believed it. A lot happened in NTR’s family after that. Chandrababe is the cause of NTR’s death. He made this clear before he died.

Even for the death of Harikrishna..

Chandrababu also used Harikrishna for his selfishness. A minister was given a post and removed within six months. Harikrishna was very disappointed and depressed. Harikrishna, who was driving the car in that frustration, died in a road accident. Thus Chandrababe was indirectly the cause of his death. That’s why both Junior NTR and Kalyan Ram still don’t talk to Chandrababu.

Today’s phone.. Today’s letter..

Now Uma Maheshwari’s suicide has also become a mystery. She is well educated. If she commits suicide, she must have written a letter. But they say that letter disappeared after Chandrababu came there. Chandrababe was also the cause of the death of Kodela Shivprasada Rao in the past. Chandrababu cheated him very badly. Kodela himself recorded the same thing on his phone. That phone was destroyed. Instead of the nearest hospital, the heifers were taken to the far away Basava Tarakam Hospital. So he died. Even after that, we all saw the extent to which Kodela did politics by blocking his physical body.

Junior NTR too..

Chandrababu also used Junior NTR for his selfish politics. Knowing that Junior NTR has a fan following, he himself went home and campaigned in the election after convincing them. After that, the same Jr. NTR was distanced for his son. Finally, he got into movies too. Chandrababu’s unethical and selfish politics. Chandrababu, who is doing politics in the name of NTR, is not the cause of NTR’s death?

She is brave..

Little girl Umamaheswari is very brave. Well educated. When he came to me 30 years ago, I honored him with a saree and jewelry. After that, when I was thrown out of the house, she spoke to me from America. It is not believable that she committed suicide. NTR’s family is not that shy.

Fights are going on for property..

There is currently a campaign going on outside. It seems that Chandrababu and his son were harassing Umamaheswari regarding a property and there was a big fight. Unable to endure their harassment, she wrote all these things in a suicide note and hanged herself, it is being spread. I believe this very strongly. Because Chandrababu’s politics is so bad. Chandrababu’s mentality is that he is desperate for selfishness. He is obsessed with power. They will stoop to any extent for power. We have been watching for years.

Selfish people..

Chandrababu is selfish. No matter what anyone thinks of his wife, he sat down and cried.. He created a big scene. After that NTR gathered all the family members together and spoke to them. Chandrababu, who had not even given an appointment in the past, then placed his hand on the doctor’s shoulder and spoke.

If you want to be there..

If Chandrababu really had a big heart, if there were any problems in that family, wouldn’t he be able to solve them? The girl is from America. She wanted Chandrababu to be there. But the family was ignored. Chandrababu had a part in her suicide. Chandrababe destroyed the girl’s suicide note. If it gets it, the facts will come out.

Leave that family..

Chandrababu.. Leave that family for now. You and your son will live on the name of NTR forever. Leave the Nandamuri family alone. They live on their own. You and your son have earned lakhs of crores by obstructing the party. In fact, NTR did not earn anything from the party. He didn’t even give anything to his children. But you have earned lakhs of crores. You, your son and grandson have acquired an inexhaustible wealth. So if you have any mind at all, leave that family. Leave Balakrishna. Balakrishna was innocent. You pressured him at the Vaishroi Hotel and convinced him to give his daughter, who is very educated and beautiful, to your son.

A letter should be written for CBI investigation.

If you have nothing to do with Uma Maheshwari’s suicide case, if you are innocent, you yourself have written a letter to the central and state governments asking for a CBI investigation. If the investigation proves your innocence, then we will believe you. You, who are supposed to be there for the family and act responsibly… on the contrary… it is known that you and your son had a fight with Umamaheshwari. That is why you should immediately write a letter asking for a CBI investigation. Lakshmi Parvati lashed out at Chandrababu with serious accusations and harsh language saying that if you don’t write a letter, I will write it myself.

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