Andhra Pradesh: Be ready.. Elections can come anytime.. Minister Sidiri Appalraju sensational comments

Minister Sidiri Appalaraju has made sensational comments that the state of Andhra Pradesh may hold elections at any moment. So activists and leaders are called to be prepared. Minister Appalaraju said that we should move forward with unity.. We are currently in the election campaign. He made it clear that Jaganmohan Reddy will be the Chief Minister as long as he is alive. They were furious that some people are promoting things that do not exist, no matter how much they do, they can’t do anything. He said that people have been put to a lot of trouble in the name of Janmabhoomi Committees. They were angry that Chandrababu Naidu ruled as one for those he liked and one for those he did not like. Minister Appalaraju along with former minister Dharmana Krishnadas inaugurated the new camp office at Palasa in Srikakulam district.

Earlier, CM Jagan had made important comments on the upcoming assembly elections. Party leaders and workers have been directed to win 175 out of 175 seats. Meanwhile, it has been three years since YCP came to power in Andhra Pradesh. General elections will be held in next two years. As a part of this, the government has taken up the Gadapa Gadapa program. In this, feedback is being taken from people. Based on that they are working on finalizing the next strategy. The CM made it clear that YCP, which won 151 seats in the past, should win 175 seats this time. They said that their aim is to make a clean sweep and it will not be difficult.

Former Chief Minister and TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu is making plans to regain power once again. He called for the efforts and conspiracies of YCP to be effectively countered. After Chandrababu announced that seats will be given back to the sitting MLAs, now CM Jagan is announcing party candidates in those constituencies. It remains to be seen how the YCP will respond to Chandrababu's pre-election predictions. In any case, no matter when the elections are held, there is a need to realize that in Andhra Pradesh there will be a bitter fight.

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