Andhra Pradesh: APS RTC good news for passengers.. 4,100 special buses arranged across the state..

Andhra Pradesh: APS RTC gives good news to passengers on the occasion of Dussehra festival. APSRTC MD Dwarakathirumala Rao said that a non-AC sleeper service named ‘Star Liner’ will be started on Vijayadasami this year. Moreover, it has been revealed that 4100 special buses have been arranged for the Dussehra festival in various parts of the state. He said that a decision has been taken not to charge extra charges in special buses. Dwarakathirumala Rao said that in addition to regular buses, special buses have been arranged for all parts of the state. Special buses have been arranged from various parts of the state to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and other places.

He said that in view of the festival rush, facilities have been arranged so that the passengers do not face any difficulties. Special buses are being run experimentally in a new system this year. If there are good results in the policy they have undertaken this year, they will continue the same policy from now on...or else they will think again about the implementation of the old policy. For the comfort of the passengers.. It has been announced that a 24-hour call center has been set up for the complaints and suggestions of the passengers. Tirumala Rao said that any passengers can call 0866 2570005 and report their problems.

On the other hand, MD Dwarakathirumala Rao gave good news to RTC employees. All RTC employees across the state will be given increased wages as per PRC on October 1. He said that the 2,000 employees who have been promoted will be given their old wages in October. MD Dwarakathirumala Rao said that only after the approval of promotions, 2,000 employees will be given increased wages.

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