Andhra Pradesh: AP government is serious about assembly video morphing.. ordering an inquiry..

The Andhra Pradesh government has become serious about a morphed video that is going viral on the YouTube channel. The decision was taken by issuing orders for further investigation. The real story of a video deliberately made to tarnish the image of the government was explained to the people. People were made aware through the Twitter handle

If we go into the details, a video has been posted on a YouTube channel distorting some of the comments made by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy as a witness in the Assembly. The video was morphed and made in such a way that the CM said that Chandrababu Naidu had brought many liquor brands in the state during his rule and made the video to give a false meaning. Officials who shared the morphed video and the real video explaining this matter said that they are spreading false information by morphing the video in the assembly and should be careful about such false news.

Meanwhile, the state government has taken action against the YouTube channel which is making a fake video and making it viral. He said further investigation has been ordered against the organizers of the said YouTube channel who have not only misled people by spreading false information but also tried to harm the reputation of the state government.

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