Andhra Pradesh: AP CID raids TDP leader Chintakayala Vijay’s house in Hyderabad.. Notices under 41A..

Andhra Pradesh CID police raided Telugu Desam Party leader Chintakayala Vijay’s house at Trend in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Vijay came to the house and searched. Police detained the servant due to his absence. CID police posted notices at Vijay’s house due to his absence.

41A notices were issued to attend the hearing. He was directed to appear at the CID office in Mangalagiri at 10:30 on the 6th of this month. U/s 66(c) of it act, Section 419,469,153(a)505(2), 120(b)r/w 34 IPC Act registered cases against Vijay in CID Cyber ​​Crime PS. He was directed to attend with current phone numbers, mobile phones, ID and address proof. A warning was given that in case of non-attendance, arrest will be made under section 41A(3), (4) crpc.

If this is the case.. Vijay's family members are expressing their anger on the behavior of this AP police. The family members alleged that they did not tell why they came and what the case was. They say that when the children were at home, there was a ruckus in the name of the police, and they do not even know whether it was the police or not. Vijay's family members alleged that they were threatened to conduct searches without giving any notice. Vijay's family members said that they will fight a legal battle on this matter.

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