Andhra Pradesh: AP Chief Minister YS Jagan bumper offer to Rayalaseema farmers

AP Chief Minister YS Jagan gave a bumper offer to Rayalaseema farmers. It has been announced that farmers who agree to give land for solar and wind power generation will be paid a lease of 30 thousand rupees per acre. It was revealed that the government will make an agreement with the farmers to that extent. It was revealed that the government will lease these lands and give them to the companies. The CM who started the Ramco cement industry near Kalavatala in Nandyala district advised the authorities to convince the farmers to give them land. Chief Minister Jagan has called upon the farmers to cooperate in the production of solar and wind power and to be willing for greenco projects. It was revealed that the government will take the land from the farmers and give it to the power generation companies, and the government will pay 30 thousand rupees under the annual lease under an agreement with the farmers. Besides, the Chief Minister assured the farmers that the lease would be increased by five percent every three years.

Jagan wants to collect land to produce at least 500 megawatts of electricity in one area. CM Jagan said that land should be collected from the farmers who agreed to this proposal and MLAs and other public representatives should take initiative after convincing the farmers. At least 2 thousand acres should be a cluster. Donors want to contribute to Green Co projects. He said that due to the coming of an industry, the area will develop a lot.. Jobs will come to the local youth.

CM Jagan said that Andhra Pradesh is number one in the country in terms of growth rate. He said that 20 thousand jobs will come to the state in the next 4 years. He said that the state will advance in ease of doing business. He said that the government will take many steps to bring industries to the state. CM Jagan said that the state will benefit a lot if industries come.

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