Andhra Pradesh: Allegations of selling drugs in Chandragiri.. What is the police’s version..

In Tirupati district’s Chandragiri, there is a ruckus about the allegations that marijuana is being mixed in cigarettes in the name of a tea shop. Chai Pay Ganjai Racha. Chandragiri Bhaggumandi on intoxication in Badibata. This matter went to cases. Who smokes cigarettes with the girls in the shop opposite the girls’ high school and mixes ganja in them? Is it true.. This affair has been going on for years. With what courage this stripping.. No one is behind it.. Is it true that they are supplying ganja cigarettes to the girls? Many questions are being raised. If this whole affair is creating a stir, the police say that a full investigation is going on. If you are a boy and use girls’ face cream, there is nothing wrong with it. Allegations that girls are getting addicted to ganja cigarettes.. Chandragiri is buzzing with worries. Who is doing this thing when the pawn shop and tea shop are opposite to the girls high school? There is a debate about who is behind this ring cutting. The parents are worried because the daughter who came from school.. went out again.. and did not come back. When he searched where he had gone, the case of cigarettes came to the fore. The parents were shocked to see what was going on there.

Parents of the affected students filed a complaint with the police about the shop selling marijuana cigarettes. Parents and locals asked what the teachers are doing when there is so much commotion in front of the school.. What are they seeing? Protests started in front of the school. Vainam, who was forcing girls to drink ganja at a tea stall opposite the school, created a sensation in Chandragiri. On the one hand, even though there was such a fight, the headmaster and teachers, who were condemned by the public, did not speak up.

Intoxicated gang in front of school.. Marijuana cigarettes for girls... This affair has been going on for years. What is the secret behind targeting schools and spraying drugs? However, there are allegations that the police do not pay attention to the complaint. DSP Narasappa said that if we look at the police's version of this episode, the inquiry will be conducted from a wide angle. The Ganjai Danda affair that is going on in a crowd.. a lot of people are worried. Thief if found. How many students have been put into the ganja quick. The whole thing came out. And it remains to be seen whether the investigation will reveal who is the target of the students near the school and who is leading them.

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