Andhra Pradesh: All this is because of Chandrababu Prodbhala.. We have all the recordings of your party.. YSP leader Devineni Avinash’s sensational comments..

Andhra Pradesh: The politics of AP is heating up with the criticism and every criticism of the leaders of WSSR Congress Party and Telugu Desam Party. They are criticizing each other saying that they are going to reduce each other. If the leaders of one party criticizes the leaders of another party, then immediately in response the leaders of the other party hold a press meet and criticize with the same vulgar language. YCP leader Devineni Avinash made sensational comments in this event. Avinash criticized Devine for calling the leaders of the Telugu Desam Party and telling them to make provocative remarks against the leaders of the YCP. It was alleged that Chandrababe was the one who cursed Kodali Nani, Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Devineni Avinash and told them to hit their thighs. Devineni Avinash made harsh comments saying that he knows the horoscopes of those who slapped their thighs and cursed on the stage.. He knows your dark lives.

YSP leaders Devineni Avinash said that it is ironic that TDP leaders who criticize Chandrababu are talking about themselves in the morning but at night they call Chandrababu as God. He severely criticized Telugu Desam Party for its history of allocating tickets by taking lakhs of rupees even in the elections of local bodies. They made sensational comments that they have all the recordings of your party. He criticized the TDP saying that they do not know what to do with the defeat in local body elections. He warned that if you criticize CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy or his family, there will be a reaction like in the past. Former Minister Devineni Uma Maheshwara Rao suggested that the TDP's base in Vijayawada should stop talking about him and talk about the insult done to his own party leader, Buddhavenkanna from the BC community. Devineni Avinash has made more sensational allegations that Gadde Rammohan is the main character in the call money and sex racket. He said that people are not in a position to believe if they do mud politics and petty politics.

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