Andhra Pradesh: A phone call saying that a car has been hit at a low price.

A person got a phone call saying, ‘You got a car as a gift in Meesho at a low price… if you pay a small amount… you can get it’. When he believed those words and paid some money, he actually got scammed. In moments, the scene was almost reversed. If cut, the person eventually had to turn to the police.

If we go into the details.. A person from Putlur of Anantarapuram district of Andhra Pradesh fell into the trap of cyber scammers and lost about Rs. He lost 15 lakhs. Unidentified people tricked the victim in a phone call saying, 'You got a car gift in can get it by paying a small amount'. The person who believed their words paid about Rs. 15 lakhs paid. When he saw it, he understood that the whole thing was a fraud. The victim approached the local police and filed a complaint.

On the basis of the victim's complaint, the police registered a case and started an in-depth investigation. SI Guruprasad Reddy warned that cyber criminals are committing frauds by claiming that prizes are on offer. Moreover, people are advised to be alert in the case of loan apps.

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