Andhra Pradesh: 2 years old revenge that killed two.. Missing case turned into murder case.. Manhunt for killers

Andhra Pradesh: 2 years old grudge kills two.. They are enraged with factions against each other.. If one kills the person who killed his father.. Someone will kill that killer.. Dead body floated under the pond.. Missing has become a caste murder.. Who would have killed.. Faction The police are trying to find out what happened. One day the farmers who were chatting under a tree near Cheruvugattu got a terrible smell.. They took the animals first.. They informed the sarpanch.. The sarpanch came and saw that it was the body of a man and informed the police. It has become difficult to know who it is.

Atkur police registered a missing case based on the clothes and marks on the dead body.. On the 20th, Thotlavallur police registered a missing case. Thirty years ago some people brutally killed his father.. Srinivasa Reddy took revenge for his father's death after some time.. but the faction of the others continued.. Is the old faction responsible for the murder.. It is yet to be revealed who the killers are.. The police are working in four teams to find out who the killers are.

Srinivasa Reddy's family reached Gannavaram Government Hospital. The police also have information that Srinivasa Reddy had served prison sentence in the case of killing a person in the past.. Srinivasa Reddy was found missing by some people. There are suspicions.. But the police investigation has to reveal who did the murder. However.. the missing casta becoming a murder, in which the person who killed someone in the past is now a murderer, it has become a big task for the police.

Reporter: Ram, TV9, Telugu

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