Anantapuram News: Financed to buy a vehicle – committed suicide for being a middleman!

Anantapuram News: Financed to buy a vehicle – committed suicide for being a middleman!

Anantapuram News: A person in the know will buy a vehicle. He mediated and gave the loan. The person bought the vehicle. But since then, he has not paid the money due every month. With this, the finance company caught the middleman. They came home and started arguing. His bike was also taken away. Due to this, the young man committed suicide. 

What actually happened..?

Balaram and Lakshmidevi, who live in Umanagar of Ananthapuram district, have two children. Daughter is already married. Their 26-year-old son Krishna is working as a pest controller in a government hospital. A person named Kesavanaidu living in Umanagar came close to their family. Krishna affectionately called him Chinnanna. But some time ago Kesavanaidu asked Krishna to give him a goods vehicle in finance. Knowing this, Krishna also agreed. Sriram gave the Bolero vehicle to City Finance.

Keshavanaidu could not pay the monthly installments on time. With this, the finance company started harassing Krishna. They went to the house several times and quarreled. Krishna misbehaved with family members. Besides, his two-wheeler was also taken away. Two days ago they came home again and got into a fight. When Krishna expressed his regret that it is not good to do this, he warned that they will take you to court and confiscate your property. Deeply offended by this, Krishna decided to commit suicide. He went to his room in the house and closed the door. But even the family members didn’t greet Krishna because he was in pain and causing trouble. But Krishna went inside and committed suicide by hanging himself from Fanu who was wearing a watch. On Thursday morning, when the mother went to wake up her son, she saw Krishna hanging from the fan and screamed loudly. Shakai collapsed on the spot. Not understanding what had happened, the father came running and cried heartbroken. Krishna was also taken to the local government hospital. But the doctors confirmed that he had already died. The parents are weeping bitterly, unable to bear the death of their son who came to their hands. Krishna’s body was taken to the mortuary of the same hospital for postmortem. Police have registered a case and are investigating. Krishna’s father has asked the police to take strict action against Keshavanayu who is the cause of his son’s death.  

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