Anantapur: The locals were shocked when they went and saw the strong stench coming from a house

Andhra Pradesh: A family’s strange behavior in Anantapur city has become a topic of discussion. For the past few years, the family members of a house have not been coming out. Even though the power and water supply to the house was stopped, no one stepped outside. In this order, the locals who went inside were shocked due to the stench of the house. Inside, three family members (Anna Tirupalshetty, two sisters Vijayalakshmi and Krishnaveni) are living in the midst of stench and stench. There are piles of tiffin packets all over the house. Even though the locals tried to bring them out, they did not come. They are arguing with the locals saying that they will stay at home. Locals say that they will try to bring him out of the house with the medical staff on Saturday. Their father died in 2016 and mother in 2017. People around say that he was mentally disturbed after the death of his maternal grandfather and cut off his contact with the outside world.

Tirupal goes out once a month and takes the interest earned on the money deposited in his parents' bank. That money will be used throughout the month. Tirupal comes out only for half an hour a day... and takes paniyals for them at home. The surprising thing is that the power supply to the house was stopped 2 years ago due to non-payment of the current bill. Last Friday, when the locals forced their way inside, the houses were full of stench. Three people in the house are still in washed clothes. The locals are trying to bring them closer to the masses with the help of the authorities.

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