Anantapur Floods: Waterworks for drought-stricken Anantapur district.. Danger warning issued at reservoirs

Anantapur Floods: Severe lack of rain until five days ago.. But today it is heavy rain everywhere.. The overflowing streams are seen crooked.. These are the scenes seen in the drought-stricken Anantapur district. Unexpected heavy rains are making the district drenched. Penna, Chitravati and Jayamangali rivers, which have become dead rivers, are overflowing. The unfilled reservoirs that Bhagiratha tried to fill are only filled with rain water. Simultaneously, the gates of the reservoirs are being lifted.

Bhairavanathippa project in Anantapur district and Upperpennar dam in Peruru are in full swing. Along with the district, the flood water is pouring into these projects due to the heavy rains in the upstream Karnataka. Heavy flood water is coming to Peruru Upperpennar Dam in Ramagiri mandal. This is the first time after about 20 years that water is released through six gates. The full water level of the dam was 60 feet and the water reached 59 feet. Bhairavanathippa reservoir continues to flood. While the water level of the project is 1655 feet, the water reached 1654.8 feet on Friday evening. Irrigation officials opened four gates as a precautionary measure and released 2,400 cusecs of water to Vedavati Hagari. 150 cusecs of water is being released to the ponds under the left canal.

Three thousand cusecs of water is coming from Karnataka to Vedavati Hagari. The bridge has been eroded due to the rise of Vangaperu river. Due to this, the traffic on the Dharmavaram-Kottacheruvu main road has come to a standstill. The culvert collapsed due to the rise of Maddileru stream in Mudigubba mandal. The Pennanadi in Tadipatri town neighborhood is treading on the paravals. Due to the recent rains, the flood water has reached the Chagallu reservoir in Peddappur mandal. With this, water was released from Chagall into the Penna River.

Chitravati flows in torrents due to heavy rains in the upper reaches. Chitravati river is overflowing over Kovela Gutta Palli, Rayalavari Palli and Puttaparthi check dams. Kovelaguttapalli and Rayalavaripalli villages have been completely closed. The two villages are located on the other side of the river and the people of those two villages are facing severe problems due to lack of infrastructure. A large number of people have reached the banks of the Chitravathi river to witness its rapids. Bukkapatnam pond which is the biggest pond in Sathya Sai district is full and overflowing with water. At night it will be completely filled and forgotten. Due to the heavy rains, the rivulets and bends in the constituency overflowed and filled the ponds. On the other hand, 7 lakes are flowing due to large amount of water reaching Dharmavaram pond.

Along with horticultural crops, crops like cotton, groundnut, maize and turmeric have been heavily damaged due to heavy rains in the district for the past four days. Agriculture officials are reporting crop damage only for horticultural crops. A preliminary estimate of Rs.5.63 crores has been made in about 800 hectares. Damage to agricultural crops is not estimated. On the other hand, the culverts are overflowing due to heavy rains. They face accidents while crossing the rivers. Recently there was a fatal accident in Kalyanadurgam constituency. As the flow of water to the Peruru project was too high, the water was released from the gate. Women who went to see the high flow of water in the Penna river are in danger. This is the water art seen elsewhere in the district. Danger warnings are also being issued especially at reservoirs. People also need to be vigilant.

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Reporter: Kanth, TV9 Telugu

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