Amaravati: “No Municipality.. Want a Capital City”.

Opposition to the formation of Amaravati municipality continues. In the referendum held in the villages, people are mistaking the government’s decision. Except for one or two, most people are saying no to the municipality. The government, which has decided to establish Amaravati municipality, is collecting public opinion through gram sabhas. In the first phase, the officials organized Gram Sabha in 22 villages, Dondapadu, Lingayapalem and Uddandarayupalem of Tullur mandal under the capital. Collected opinions from people. There was strong opposition in this referendum. 90 percent of those who attended the gram sabha opposed the establishment of the municipality. Only a few welcomed the officials’ proposal. On the other hand, the villagers unanimously rejected the establishment of a municipality in Uddhandaraunipalem. As per the CRDA master plan, they wanted to establish a capital city with 29 villages. And in the referendum held in Dondupalem village, people questioned the officials. In January this year, the government tried to form a municipal corporation with 19 gram panchayats under the capital.

Apart from the municipality, they demanded that a city government should be formed along with 29 panchayats. After about seven months, the state government is now planning to form Amaravati as a municipal corporation along with 19 Panchayats of Tulluru Mandal and 3 Panchayats of Mangalagiri Mandal. It is known that the farmers have undertaken a padayatra from Amaravati to Arasavilli. With this, the YCP government brought up the proposal to form Amaravati as a municipality with 22 panchayats within the capital. In January this year, the government tried to form a municipal corporation with 19 gram panchayats under the capital.

The farmers of the capital villages are alleging that the state government is trying to destroy the Amaravati capital. Farmers are facing various forms of government decisions. After the success of the previous Amaravati to Tirumala padayatra in support of the capital Amaravati, Padayatra - 2 from Amaravati to Arasavalli is being organized from 12th of this month.

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