Amaravati Capital: Is Amaravati the capital if cents are placed? Has the government forgotten this logic?

Amaravati Capital: Is Amaravati the capital if cents are placed?  Has the government forgotten this logic?

Amaravati Capital  :  Questioning whether there should not be poor people in the capital.. In land pooling for the capital, the government is distributing cent plots to the poor in the lands given by the farmers. The same is being counter-attacked on the questioned opposition. And the same argument was heard in the Supreme Court. She said that only five percent of the land allotted to the poor in the capital is being given places. The court also said that they will not interfere. But as per government policy the executive capital is Visakha. And the argument is being heard that the government has accepted Amaravati as the capital by telling the Supreme Court about the house plots in the capital. />Government said that they are giving places to the poor in the capital in the High Court and Supreme Court. It argued that there is no place for the poor in the capital. It’s all recorded. It is for this reason that the courts will not interfere in the distribution of plots.   The Government has challenged the High Court on the Amaravati issue in the Supreme Court. A trial is scheduled for next July.  The government has made it clear before the Supreme Court that Amaravate is the capital. Legal experts are asking what the government will say if the Supreme Court asks if Amaravate is the capital of Amaravate and distributes land to the poor.  It is said that everyone should live in the capital by giving the lands given to the poor by the farmers and now the capital will be Visakha again.. It is said that the basic question will naturally arise that the lands will be allocated there.

Amravati is also the capital .. There may be no chance to hear the argument that Visakha will be made the executive capital. Because… the Supreme Court is not investigating the three capitals. Implementation of CRDA Act and Violations of Govt. According to the agreement, the capital should be built in Amaravati. Farmers should be given benefits as per the agreement.  The High Court ordered to implement them. A writ of mandamus gives that no other laws can be made against the capital without enforcing them. That’s all, as the three capitals bill has also been withdrawn, legal experts are predicting that the reference will not be original. Legally invalid. According to the CRDA agreement, the capital was fixed as Amaravati. Agreement made. It should be implemented. Otherwise, the opposition reminds us that the government has betrayed the people, especially the farmers.   Overall, the arguments made by the government in the name of housing for the poor.. Ultimately, against the government’s argument..  The opinion is being heard that they are supporting the capital of Amaravati. If this becomes a problem for the government in the trial to be held in July, the judges say it will be a strategic blunder. 

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