A woman who studied in class 10 voted in the MLC elections – an incident that came to light in Tirupati

A woman who studied in class 10 voted in the MLC elections – an incident that came to light in Tirupati

The opposition parties have been alleging that the ruling party is committing irregularities in the MLC elections. According to this, the leaders also brought some proofs to the media. Now an incident happened in Tirupati to make all of them true. A 10th class fail woman is creating a stir by coming to vote in the MLC elections. 

Stealing voters are coming to light in Tirupati MLC elections. Class 10 failed woman voted in MLC election. MLC election without degree‌ Voted. When the media spoke to her, she said that she is from Tamil Nadu. She explained that she had failed class 10. 

The woman from Tamil Nadu said her name was Vijaya. He had a volunteer from his area come and hand over the voter slip. He said that he came to vote because he was given. He says he doesn’t know anything beyond that.  They are accusing the leaders who were there of taking the light to the attention of the police that she had cast a stolen vote. There is a tense situation. Unable to take the stolen voters to the polling booth, the TDP leaders staged a dharna. They tried to stop them. This led to an argument between the activists of both the parties. The police who entered the arena arrested the TDP leaders and police‌ Moved to the station. 

Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy MLC exercised his right to vote in Sadum. In the Puthalapattu constituency, voters have been standing in the queue since 8 o’clock in the morning. Here 9036 graduates and 529 teachers will exercise their right to vote. A polling center has been set up at Zdpi Higher Primary School of Puthalapattu mandal. The police are making arrangements to prevent any untoward incident during the conduct of the election. Polling will continue till 4 pm. 

TDP State Secretary Mabu Devanarayana Reddy was arrested by the police at Satyanarayanapuram polling station in Tirupati. TDP leaders say that he was arrested for questioning YCP leaders being sent to the polling center despite not having voted. Centers, 30 polling for teachers‌ Centers were established. 3890 voters will exercise their right in Upadhyaya MLC election. 44432 voters will vote in MLC elections for graduates. There are 51 graduates, 30 teachers in the district. MLC Polling‌ Police have made heavy security in the centres. 

98 polling for graduates in Kadapa district‌ Centers, 38 polling for teachers‌ Centers were established. 7461 people have exercised their right to vote in Upadhyaya MLC election. 81317 people have voted in MLC elections for graduates. 93 Graduates, 38 Teachers Polling‌ Huge arrangements have been made in the centres. Three additional‌ SPs, 8 DSPs, 27 inspectors, 73 SIs and more than 1200 policemen are on standby.
An altercation took place between the YCP TDP leaders in the 22nd booth of the Gandhi Nagar polling station. The TDP agents objected that the volunteers were performing duties in the polling booth. They demanded to be sent out. Police responded and sent both of them out. 

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