Thousands of weddings will be held in Gujarat on December 12 before Kamurata settles down


  • From 16th December onwards, Kamurata settles down. After which there is no auspicious moment till Makar Sankranti.
  • In Ahmedabad alone, more than two thousand weddings are taking place on December 12, now there are only three muhurats.
  • With marriages taking place amid growing cases of corona and omikron, the system could make rules about corona.

Ahmedabad: Thousands of weddings will be celebrated all over Gujarat on 12th December. According to the details received, more than two thousand muhurats have come out on the 12th in Ahmedabad alone. Now the next three days i.e. 11-12 and 13 December are the wedding moments. Then the muhurat will come after the final landing. Until then, there will be humiliation. On the one hand, marriages are taking place in the state amid fears of Corona and Omicron variants as well as widespread impact. In the same way, this year too, the people who have been attending weddings for the last few days are coming positive.
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This year there were some auspicious moments in November after Dev Uthi Agiyaras and then there were moments in December. Now there are only three moments left in this wedding season. Meanwhile, more than 2,000 weddings are to be held in Ahmedabad on December 12. Not only party plots, halls, hotels, but also common plots of residential societies have been booked for that. In addition to the 12th, caters, bands, party pavilion organizers, florists, etc. bookings for December 11 and 13 have been made three to four months in advance.
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During these three days, mass weddings are also organized by social and caste organizations. A large number of Gujarati families living abroad are eager to get married before December 16. However, the current Koro guidelines are also sticking to these families who want to celebrate the occasion. In addition to the controlled number and other precautions, rules like registration and approval of marriage ceremonies are applicable. Corona cases are currently on the rise. That is why families are worried that no contingency sanctions will be imposed.
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It has also happened this year that due to Corona’s guiding rules, families living in cities have organized large-scale planning in their hometowns. They have arranged for the guests to get there themselves, even at a lower cost. This is because in spite of big plans, sanctions have to be enforced in the name of local bodies and the situation has become such that the system cannot be overlooked.


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