The clever police of Chandkheda caught the bootleggers carrying school bags in this manner


  • Police were on patrol in Chandkheda and two bootleggers were nabbed
  • Two bootleggers were on their way home from Rajasthan carrying liquor on a scooter
  • Police became suspicious when they saw a strange school bag belonging to two people

Ahmedabad: The overweight-looking school bag has led two bootleggers to the police station. The incident took place in Ahmedabad city on Wednesday. On the one hand, the cold snap is increasing and on the other hand, the demand from hobbyists has increased. In this situation, bootleggers have become active in the habit of making more money. Police, on the other hand, are also keeping an eye on his new tricks. (Image is symbolic)

Chandkheda police were patrolling near Panchlok Char Rasta in the incident that took place on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, two elderly persons were carrying heavy schoolbags on SP Ring Road when the police saw them and became suspicious. The manner in which the weight was placed inside the school bag made the police suspicious.

When police searched the school bag, they found 48 bottles of liquor. Two men were carrying bottles of liquor in a school bag on a scooter.

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Early in the morning, two adults were carrying schoolbags, which led police to suspect. The police opened the school bags one by one and checked and found that all the three bags were filled with 16-16-16 bottles.

According to the complaint registered in the case, Chandkheda police have seized liquor worth Rs 50,000. This quantity of liquor was being brought from Rajasthan. One of the two accused arrested is 29-year-old Dinesh Prajapati (resides in Jagatpur), while the other is 30-year-old Arjun Tank (resides in Pali district, Rajasthan).

According to police sources, Arjun Tank had brought a quantity of liquor from Rajasthan in a private bus. After this Dinesh Prajapati went to pick him up on a scooter. While the two were on their way to Jagtupar Dinesh’s house, the police stopped and apprehended them on suspicion.

Police also seized 48 bottles of liquor, scooters and two mobile phones from the accused. Both have been booked under the Prohibition Act.

According to sources, Dinesh Prajapati is a local bootlegger and Arjun Tank used to bring him a quantity of liquor from a neighboring state.


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