Slumdog Millionaire: Ahmedabadi youth swindled Rs 50 crore in 1 year based on Dark Web


  • A 22-year-old man living in Isanpur, Ahmedabad has become an online swindler
  • He emptied the bank accounts of people from all over the world and swindled crores of rupees
  • The police also showed inability to take action against him

Due to poor academic performance, he dropped out of Std. He loved digital devices, and he started surfing the Internet. In the meantime, he became obsessed with likes on social media. One day, through online media, he was introduced to Jio Mustafa of Karachi, Pakistan, and he gave the Ahmedabadi youth the knowledge of how to steal money from people’s accounts.

Within three years, the young man had mastered online fraud. And during this period, he swindled Rs 50 crore from people’s accounts and traded goods worth Rs 50 crore through this online scam. Police say he has 12 cryptocurrency accounts, and each has 25 25,000 to 30 30,000 in coins.

The story is about 22-year-old Harshvardhan Parmar, a resident of Narayanagar Society, Isanpur, Ahmedabad. Harshvardhan was very weak in studies and barely passed standard 10. In standard 11, his family told him to study or work. He started spending time on social media due to constant pressure from his family. He did a few photo and video shoots, and that got him a lot of likes on social media.

In 2018, Harshvardhan was added to the Telegram app’s group Dark Secret, and here he came in contact with people who were selling active bank details in bulk. Harshvardhan tried his hand at such a deal and on the first try he swindled Rs 2,000. In the meantime, he came in contact with Mustafa of Karachi, who advised him to deal with the Dark Web, not the Open Web.

Mustafa gave Harshvardhan the tricks of a scammer’s life and advised him to contact Russian hackers who were selling debit and credit card information of people from 50 countries on their website. Harshvardhan followed the instructions given to him, and bought credit as well as debit card details. He then emptied bank accounts from the United States to the people of Uganda.

According to the police, it did not take even half a minute for Harshvardhan to get the information about the credit or debit cards of the people. And later knowing the bank balance he would buy expensive items or jewelery and later sell it in cash. It is estimated that in a single year, he bought and sold items worth Rs 50 crore. After ordering 30 fridges together at a shop on Ashram Road, police nabbed him and two people associated with him.

He was arrested and later released on bail. And even after that, he continued to carry out online scams through the Dark Web, and the IP address used for this has not yet been traced. Apart from this, Harshvardhan also took great care of his friends. The police officer probing the case said that if Harshvardhan’s friends asked him for a party, he would book a deluxe room in a five-star hotel, pay for liquor and food, and sometimes even invite foreign girls to the room.

Police said no legal action could be taken against him as he did not leave any digital footprints. And now he has hired 10 boys to cheat with people. They take credit and debit card details from Russian hackers and later empty their accounts and distribute the money. Harshvardhan is the biggest contributor. All 10 of these boys dropped out of school midway through their studies and are now robbing the rich around the world.


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