LRD Exam: Candidates will not be allowed to enter the field with digital or smart watch

Ahmedabad: Hasmukh Patel, president of the Lokarakshak Recruitment Board, tweeted: “Candidates will not be able to enter the fray with digital or smart watches. But will be able to use a clock with a fork. Every ground has been notified about this again. Candidates who are going for a physical test should pay special attention to this. Otherwise they may get in trouble.

Do not enter the field with digital or smart watch
According to the information received, a physical test is being conducted for police recruitment in Gujarat. In order to pass this exam, both male and female candidates have to complete the race in the stipulated time of 9.30 minutes and 25 minutes respectively. However, many candidates have been seen wearing smart watches or digital watches in this exam. So the recruitment board has banned wearing this type of watch on the field. Candidates have also been informed about this by ticking Hasmukh Patel.

Many candidates were deleted by filling more than one form
According to media reports, in the ongoing process of police recruitment, many candidates had more than one form filled up and it was deleted. However, some candidates with the same name also had their forms deleted and the candidates were referred to the recruitment board. On verification, it is found that such application has been re-approved.


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