Killed a promising young man in Gandhinagar for just Rs 1050, four arrested


  • The murder case of a hotel employee in Gandhinagar was finally solved by the police
  • The accused had fled after killing Devansh in Sector-27
  • Police set a watch and rushed the accused from Sector-13
  • One of the four accused has been found to be a minor
  • The accused killed Devansh Bhatia for only Rs 1050

Police have arrested four people in a murder case in Gandhinagar’s Sector-27 for robbing a promising youth of just Rs 1,050. The murdered body of Devansh Bhatia, a Vadodara employee of a five-star hotel near the Mahatma Mandir, was found on the morning of October 8 near a garden in Sector-27. Sector-21 police have arrested four people, including a minor, in connection with the case. Significantly, there was a case of a smile being found from Pethapur on this day, two big incidents in one day, police teams were running.

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The awakened citizen informed the police after seeing a young man lying in a bloody state near a garden in Sector-27. Police later found out that the young man had died. The motive of the murder was not clear in the police investigation in this case. Apart from this, the body was found at 7 am, which also raised a number of questions about when the murder may have taken place.

After this, the police, based on the location of CCTV and Devansh’s phone, found out that he had gone to the Geeta Mandir from his relative’s house in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad and from there to Gandhinagar Pathikashram. After this, in the police investigation, Devansh reached G-5 on G Road from outside Pathikashram. However, he did not appear on the D-6 circle. So the police started investigating the CCTV footage of Sector-22 and 23 by identifying the vehicles seen in it.

In which a rickshaw puller identified Devansh and said that he had taken Devansh from G-5 to the turn of Sector 24-27.

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Police then spotted a man walking on an obscure CCTV 400 meters from the scene and three or four people on a bike behind him. After this, the police were checking the vehicles coming and going from this road. Four persons were riding on a vehicle and they were seen going in Sector-13.

After this, the police hired the culprits and set up a watch in plain clothes. In which the hard work of the police brought color and four people involved in the murder were arrested. The accused Manav Umeshbhai Pawar, Ashish Maheshbhai Solanki (Plot No. 501/1, Sector-13), Ghanshyam alias Kalu Naranbhai Kanani (Plot No. 406/1, Sector 13 / A) and the minor accused were quickly interrogated by the police.

The accused avoided passing through the main roads after the murder of the youth so as not to get caught on camera himself. The accused had taken Rs 1,050 of his documents and earphones from Devansh before he was killed.


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