In Ahmedabad, if the husband did not give time to his wife, the wife ran away from home


  • The husband did not give time to his wife as he was busy with work and work
  • After returning home from work, the husband would start chatting with friends at night
  • As the husband did not give time, the wife fell alone and ran away

Ahmedabad: In today’s fast paced life there are many cases where husband and wife cannot give time to each other and family. A similar case has come up in Ahmedabad in which the husband used to chat with his friends at night after taking care of his job and running the house. The wife was left alone and did not receive warmth from her husband. Because of this his wife had run away from home. After this, the matter came to a head when the husband realized his mistake.

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The details of the incident are such that since there was no communication between the husband and wife, the wife left the house on the pretext of harassing the in-laws. After this, Abhayam’s team was informed and her husband was called for counseling. After which the husband also promised to give time to his wife and not to let her experience loneliness.

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In the incident that took place in Maninagar, Abhayam’s team got a call that a wife has left home due to harassment by her in-laws and is not ready to return home. The investigation later found that the woman’s husband was not giving his wife time as he was paying more attention to his work. He was also found to be in a relationship with another woman. So the wife left the house naming her in-laws. The investigation found call recordings in which the husband did not give time to the wife due to other responsibilities even though the husband had been married for 5 years.

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After her husband was finally counseled at her home, she admitted her mistake and assured him that such a mistake would not happen in the future. Thus, due to the counseling of Abhayam team, a family has survived.


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