Devansh Bhatia case: Four killed a 25-year-old man in Gandhinagar while drinking tea


  • Shocking revelations in Gandhinagar’s Devansh Bhatia murder case
  • The accused went out to drink tea but did not have money
  • The accused caught Devansh’s eye and tried to rob him
  • Devansh was killed by four accused who went to rob him of money

The body of a youth was found in a suspicious condition in Sector-27 in Gandhinagar on October 8 in the morning and Sachin Dixit, a resident of Sector-26, left Smit in Pethapur in the evening and fled. Two major incidents in a single day had boosted local police operations. In both the cases, the police have focused on the accused. The killers of 25-year-old Devansh Bhatia, who was on duty at the Leela Hotel in Gandhinagar after Sachin Dixit in a murder and child abandonment case, have been nabbed. After the police found Devansh’s body at 7 am on October 8, the police formed separate teams to find out the reason behind the murder of the youth and speed up the accused.

Investigations have revealed that four accused, including a minor, killed a promising youth for just Rs 1,050. The police are currently interrogating the accused in the case.

Killed a promising young man in Gandhinagar for just Rs 1050, four arrested
According to reports, Devansh’s killers went out for tea at night but none of them had any money. Preliminary police investigations have revealed that the accused then spotted Devansh in the dark of night and then chased him and conspired to rob him. Police have arrested Manav Umeshbhai Pawar, Ashish Maheshbhai Solanki (Plot No. 501/1, Sector-13), Ghanshyam alias Kalu Naranbhai Kanani (Plot No. 406/1, Sector 13 / A) and a minor accused in the case.

After Hina Pethani, Sachin’s plan was to kill Smit too and shorten his life
Devansh, a native of Vadodara, returned to Gandhinagar from a relative’s house in Ahmedabad and reached Sector-27, where he was stabbed to death by four men on a bike to rob him. The assassins also pressed his mouth to prevent Devansh from screaming. Devansh tried to shout knowing that something was wrong with him, in which the man pulled out a knife and attacked him, on the other hand Dhanshyam alias Kalu held Devansh’s mouth and attacked him with the knife he had. After this, Ashish and Sagir took Rs 1,050 and earphones from Devansh’s pocket. The four of them shared the money they got from Ashish and fled as if nothing had happened.

Bride brutally murdered in Dwarka
Police first tried to speed up the accused in the case based on CCTV footage. However, the shrewd defendants used inland roads to evade the CCTV cameras so that they would not be caught. But after an obscure CCTV footage was found, the police set up a watch by investigating further in this direction and informing the informants. Police in plain clothes investigated and eventually arrested the four accused. These accused are now being further questioned.


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