Consideration is given to the gift city to attract talent from home and abroad


  • The management of Gift City wrote a letter to the government asking for a ban on alcohol
  • Will ‘Evening Social Life’ culture like Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Mumbai be set up in Gift City?
  • In Gujarat, since 1960, the matter of granting exemption has reached the High Court

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat government is considering relaxing the alcohol ban law to attract national as well as international finance and technology companies as well as top talent in GIFT City in Gandhinagar. A senior official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Times of India that a decision could be taken soon to offer ‘Evening Social Life’ in Gift City. It is worth mentioning that pub culture is common among professionals in finance or technology hubs in India as well as abroad.

The proposal to relax the alcohol ban in Gift City comes at a time when the central government is also trying to establish it internationally. It is home to the country’s first International Financial Services Center. On September 27, 2020, the management of Gift City wrote a letter to the Superintendent of the Department of Narcotics and Excise seeking a waiver on alcohol in the Gift City Special Economic Zone. The exemption was sought under sections 139 (1) (c), 146 (b) and 147 of the Gujarat Prohibition Act, 1949.

According to the existing law, liquor permits are issued to tourists coming from outside Gujarat. According to a senior official, even in SEZs, residents residing there get liquor permits as per the existing notification. However, compared to other states of the country and abroad, there are significant differences. In order to create evening social life in an area like Gift City, it is necessary to set up a liquor bar as well as a wine and dine facility. In order to attract talent from home and abroad to Gujarat, it is necessary to create such a culture in Gift City as in other Fintech Centers.

According to sources, the proposal is under consideration in the CM’s office. It is to be mentioned that Vibrant Gujarat Summit is going to be held in the state in January 2022, in which a large number of dignitaries from home and abroad are coming to participate. On September 20, 2021, the Chief Secretary of the Urban Development Department, A. He wrote a letter to the chief secretary giving a roadmap detailing the development of Gift City and its environs. The letter included details of building road infrastructure, extending the riverfront to Gandhinagar and setting up a Fintech Institute.

In Gujarat, there has been a demand for concessions in the past. However, her Gandhian organizations as well as organizations working for women’s rights are strongly opposed to her. Gujarat has had a ban on alcohol since its inception in 1960, but it is not easy for the government to take a decision in this regard due to strong opposition to any concessions. However, now with the claim that outside talent is being prevented from coming to Gujarat due to alcohol ban, the demand for alcohol ban is increasing.

In August this year, the Gujarat High Court began hearing dozens of petitions seeking exemption from alcohol ban. The court ruled that the petition could survive, but the state government strongly opposed it. The petition, filed in 2019, demanded that anyone should be allowed to drink alcohol between the four walls of the house. However, the government does not even allow it, which in a way is a violation of the right to privacy.


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