As soon as the guest eats, you will eat, otherwise you will take a bath


  • Parineeta’s husband, who lives in Amraiwadi area of ​​Ahmedabad, was alone at home as he had gone to his home state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The relative came to the house and after having a general conversation, he found out that if Parineeta was alone in the house, he would lose his temper.
  • Parineeta has lodged a complaint with the Ahmedabad Women’s Police and started an investigation.

Ahmedabad: One incident after another is happening in the city with women. A case of defamation of a woman’s relationship has come to light in the eastern region. The young man’s relative came to her house and asked for a meal. The woman told him not to make such a joke saying that if you don’t give him food soon, he will eat you. Later, the youth suddenly bathed the woman and after kissing her, the accused became shameless and hit her on the chest. Also told the woman that I want to drink this milk. However, the woman managed to free herself and ran out of the house. After which the woman reported the whole matter to the police and a criminal investigation has been started.
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According to sources, the 22-year-old woman lives with her husband and two-year-old daughter in Amraiwadi area. Parineeta’s husband runs a mobile shop in Nicole. The husband is currently at home in Uttar Pradesh. Parineeta was alone at her home on Sunday afternoon when her father’s mama son came home. He asked, “What made the meal?” That is why Parineeta said that she has made potato vegetables and bread. So the young man joked that if you don’t eat soon, I will tell you to eat. So Parineeta asked not to make such a joke.
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The youth later grabbed her hand from behind and kissed her on the cheek. Parineeta had gone out to get away from the young man who was making such a move. But the young man grabbed her hand and forced her to lie down on the bed. The latter fell asleep on top of him, stumbled and demanded rudeness.
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Hebtai’s wife pushed him away from such an incident. The young man, who did not have the consent of his wife, was going home from there. Parineeta later called her family and husband and informed them in Uttar Pradesh. Amraiwadi police arrived after the husband asked her to report to the police control room and Parineeta along with her mother lodged a complaint against the youth at the police station.


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