Allotment of land-plots to polluting industries in Gujarat’s cities will be stopped


  • A new town planning guideline will be released by the state government’s urban development department after Diwali.
  • Older industrial units that are within the city limits will be moved out.
  • While new units will be allotted plot land just outside the city and town limits.

Ahmedabad: For the first time in the state, complete guidelines for removal of provisions for chemical plants in the development plans and town planning schemes of eight municipal corporations and 156 municipalities will be issued by the state’s urban development department a few weeks after Diwali.

The state’s urban development department has already sought a list of types of chemical units from the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB). Which will be included in the new upcoming guide. These units must be equipped with a chimney that produces hazardous chemicals, disposes of toxic waste, or emits hazardous industrial gases. It will be included in this list. The Vijay Rupani government started discussions in this direction in July last year.
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Existing industries will be given incentives in the form of tax and relief to shift to new fixed locations outside the city. New development plans and TP schemes will ensure that cities do not have any industrial units within the limits of the Water Act, 1974; Potentially polluting or violating the provisions of the Air Act, 1981 and the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. ” This was stated by a senior source in the state’s urban development department. The official further added that “today industries are operating in the heart of cities, which adversely affects the measures taken for pollution control and overall public health.”
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A senior official of the Urban Development Department said, “We have proposed amendments to the existing Town Planning Act to help prepare guidelines for new DPs. We are in talks with the Department of Revenue, Law, Industry and the Department of Mines and Finance to provide attractive incentives to move polluted industries out of the existing industries in the city center. ” These plots of land can also be used profitably to build affordable housing and commercial complexes in key areas. ” The source said.
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Meanwhile, top officials of the Urban Development Department said, “The concept of Green Floor Space Index (GFSI) can be introduced to promote energy efficient projects and a mechanism will be developed to reap the benefits of Silver, Gold and Platinum rated categories. This could further help reduce pollution in all major cities in the state.


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