After Hina Pethani, Sachin’s plan was to kill Smit too and shorten his life


  • After killing Hina, Sachin, who left Vadodara for Gandhinagar, had many ideas
  • Once Sachin came to Gandhinagar, he came up with the idea of ​​getting rid of a smile like Hina Pethani.
  • Despite Sachin’s murder and abandonment of the child, his wife or anyone else did not allow the matter to come to light
  • Police took Sachin Dixit to Bopal and went to where the smile was born and also investigated

Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad The names of Sachin Dixit and Smit have been discussed since last week. The case has become more serious after it was revealed that Sachin himself had killed his girlfriend. However, police inquiries also revealed that Tendulkar feared that he would be caught and that life would be hell, in which Tendulkar even considered killing himself with a smile.

The Vadodara murder case of Sachin Dixit, who has been remanded in police custody till October 14, is being probed. Police said during remand that Sachin, who is accused of murder and abandonment of a child, talks in a roundabout way and frequently changes his statements.

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However, some important details are coming to light after the remand was granted. According to reports, after Sachin killed his girlfriend in Vadodara, he took Mehndi alias Hina Pethani’s son to Gandhinagar. Tendulkar, who hails from Vadodara, had a lot going on in his mind, including throwing his son into the Narmada Canal before Koba and thinking of committing suicide. However, looking at the naive face of the smile, he gave up the idea.

Tendulkar knew that the police would reach him for the murder of his girlfriend, but he saw his son’s naive face and decided to kill him, after which he left Smit at Swaminarayan Gaushala in Pethapur.

Such important details in case re-construction

Yesterday, police reached Bopal with accused Sachin Dixit. Here he was also taken to the hospital where Smit was born. Smit was born on December 10, 2020. Where Sachin’s name as father was written. After the hospital, the police also investigated the place where Sachin lived in Bopal with his girlfriend. Mehndi was in touch with his aunt and uncle till the day he was killed, in which his statement will also be taken.

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Tendulkar had written his name as the father at the time of Smit’s birth in the hospital, however, whether Sachin had registered Smit’s birth will also be investigated by the police. Based on Sachin’s DNA test, it will be proved whether he is genetically Sachin’s father or not.

After leaving Vadodara, Sachin had many thoughts in his mind, one of which was suicide. However, Sachin did not take both these steps. Sachin Dixit, who went to Rajasthan with his wife even after committing the heinous act of killing his girlfriend and abandoning his child, was behaving in a way that no one could smell anything, but the whole scandal erupted when the police reached Kota.


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